Flexible Automation
High Speed Machines

Continuous rotating machines

• Standard station from 1 to 4 assembly towers (diameter from 300 to 1440 mm)
• Very high speed range: up to 96.000 pieces/hour
• Assembly features: insertion, screwing, cutting, rolling, crimping

Rotary indexed machines

• Constrained movement of indexed rotary table and manipulators
• Up to 24 assembly stations
• Inverter speed control: medium 12.000 pieces/hour
• Assembly features: insertion, screwing, ultrasound/hot plate welding, marking, liner insertion from feeder or reel, cutting

Continuous rotating machines

• Standard modules whit a single motorization both for pallets movement and manipulators
• Production rate up to 70 cycles/min
• Assembly features: insertion, screwing, ultrasound,marking, gluing,cutting and tube insertion

Loose pallets mechanical line

LPS standard modules, customizeable for 1800, 1200 or 900 mm
Automatic, semiautomatic or manual stations

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