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telerobot s.p.a. - High Speed Machines division

high speed machines division (previously CST Macchine Speciali s.r.l.) offers different high speed assembly systems for small and medium sized plastic components to be used in the fields of food and beverage, cosmetics, medical, electronics and automotive.

A 30 years lasting experience and a continuous improvement and specialization, based onto primary customers specifications, brought our assembly machines to represent nearly a field standard especially in assembling plastic materials caps and closures for liquids.

High and very high speed processing - up to 96.000 components/hour – depending on our customers’ needs, together with special test devices (position, dimensions, tightness, microholes, electrical, marking) and production statistc analysis, guarantee and certify final items quality and drop out of non-responding elements.

For further information about this Division, please contact us at: hsm@telerobot.it