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telerobot s.p.a. -  Flexible Automation division

flexible automation division (previously ICAM s.r.l.) is specialized in customized  automation lines and special machines for assembly, handling or special production of single parts of a final product. Complete lines or stations for special manufacturing issues as welding, glueing, sealing including test and measurement operations.
Free pallets, flexible assembly lines, rotary or transfert based movement, with special experience in automotive, electrical household industry, white goods and electromechanical technologies area.
Automatic systems developed to increase the production rate and guarantee high accuracy in handling, assembling and testing of components.
Specific devices to be integrated in complex systems to improve the global effectiveness. Innovative and flexible solutions for fulfilling the increasing requirements of plant modernization and costs optimization.
flexible automation division grants competences and devices to test and qualify products, sinergically with concept labs services.

For further information about this Division, please contact us at: fa@telerobot.it